About the Lab

Fiber optics forms the backbone of communication systems and the Internet, and the demand for higher data rates and bandwidth continues to grow exponentially. Although electronics are used in a plethora of modern day devices and technologies, they cannot outpace the speed, bandwidth, and power efficiency of optics.

Systems based on photonics, or the manipulation of light, are rapidly becoming applicable as various technologies---ranging from on-chip communication, routing, sensor networks, and radio frequency signal processing---are experiencing severe, physical bottlenecks that stem from the limitations of electrical signals.

The Lightwave Communications Research Laboratory at Princeton University seeks to understand, build, and design the next generation of communication systems that process information on ps or sub-ps time scales, far beyond the physical capabilities of electronics. Our research is highly experimental and benefits from close collaborations with industrial and research laboratories. We have an invested interest in physical (optical) layer network securityoptical code division multiple access (OCDMA)broadband adaptive photonic beamformingoptical cancellation of RF interferenceand photonic spike processing.