John Chang Recieves Graduate Newport Research Award

John Chang has received the 2014 Graduate Newport Research Award for his accomplishments as a graduate student in the field of photonics. A link to the article can be found here. Dr. Chang will be joining MIT Lincoln Labs after his graduation this spring.

John Chang and Yue Tian Have Graduated

Dr. John Chang has completed his FPO and will be graduating this spring. His thesis was entitled, "Microwave Photonic Filters for Interference Cancellation and Adaptive Beamforming." He will be working for MIT Lincoln Labs in Boston, MA next year.

Yue Tian has also completed his FPO and will graduate this spring. His thesis was entitled, "Ultrafast Photonic Neuromorphic Processing and Nonlinearity Mitigation in Long-haul Transmissions by Nonlinear Optical Signal Processing." Yue will be working at NEC Labs next year in Princeton, NJ.

Alumnus Wing Kwong Publishes New Book

Optical Coding Theory with Prime has just been published by Wing Kwong, Professor of Engineering at Hofstra University. He graduated from the Lightwave Communications Laboratory with a Ph. D. in 1992. More information can be found here. A quote from the book review is included below:

IP Accelerator Fund Awarded to Photonic Layer Security

Ben Wu's work on photonic layer security has recently won an IP Accelerator Fund, and will be commercialized with engineering company Bascom Hunter. This technology allows messages to be sent in secret along fiber optic communication channels. He has also just published a 

Laser Focus World Article on Optical Steganography

Our summer intern, Nick Frost writes about his hands-on experience with optical steganography in Laser Focus World.

Post-Deadline Paper accepted at IPC

Our conference paper entitled "Graphene excitable laser for photonic spike processing," was one of several accepted at the IEEE Photonics Conference post-deadline session. It is part of our investigations in photonic spike processing.

Photonic Neuron Featured in Innovation Magazine

The photonic neuron project has been featured in Innovation Magazine with an article entitled, 'Thinking at the Speed of Light: the Photonic Neuron.' A link to the article can be found here.

Art of Science Entry Featured in Discover Magazine

"Light Eddies," an Art of Science entry created by Mitchell Nahmias, was recently featured in Discover Magazine. The diagram describes the phase space trajectories of a laser neuron.

Matt Chang receives NDSEG Fellowship

Matt Chang has been awarded the National Defense Science & Engineering Graduate Fellowship to continue his doctoral work.


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