ELE 342: Principles of Quantum Engineering

This course is designed to provide an understanding of the basic principles that govern the operation of modern solid state and optoelectronic devices. The emphasis is on fundamentals rather than applications. The major portion of the course will be devoted to quantum mechanics and statistical physics with examples from solid state and materials physics and quantum electronics. This provides the basic background needed to understand the physics of device operations and also prepares the student for more advanced courses in solid state and quantum electronics (such as ELE 441, 442 and 453).

ELE 441: Solid State Physics I

An introduction to the properties of solids. Theory of free electrons, classical and quantum. Crystal structure and methods of determination. Electron energy levels in a crystal, weak potential and tight-binding limits. Classification of solids, metals, semiconductors and insulators. Types of bonding and cohesion in crystals. Lattice dynamics, phonon spectra and thermal properties of harmonic crystals.

ELE 548: Physics and Technology of Low-dimensional Semiconductor Structures

A broad overview of materials science and physics of low-dimensional semiconductor structures will be presented. Emphasis will be on the fabrication and physics of high-mobility carrier systems in modulation-doped structures. Examples include two-dimensional, one-dimensional (quantum wire), and zero-dimensional (quantum dot) systems.